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Washing in our laundry is even easier and faster than at home. The laundries are designed as self-service, which allows us to keep the price as low as possible. You don't have to worry, you can set everything yourself. We recommend to sort out your laundry into piles (light + white and black + color), check your pockets. You do not want to wash your cell phone, keys, tissue or lighter. Put the individual piles of laundry in the washing machine and select the wash program. You don't need to worry about powder and fabric softener, everything is added automatically. After setting up the program, go to the payment kiosk and pay. The program starts automatically. The end of the washing program is signaled by a sound and the door will unlock automatically. You can take wet laundry home, but it would be only a half-done job. Use prepared baskets to remove your laundry from the washer to dryer, choose the program again, pay and wait for the laundry to dry. Then you just fold it on the folding table and take home dry, clean, and fragrant.

Our laundry is self-service and there is no staff on site. However, there is a detailed instruction manual available as well as a phone number where you can contact us.

You can start the last wash just before the closing time. You will be allowed to dry also till your laundry is completely done.

Yes. LAVOR laundry is open also on weekends, and even on most public holidaysOpening hours may vary from branch to branch, please check the details of the specific laundry.

It is not possible to reserve a washing machine in advance, but the capacity of the washing machines in the laundry is sufficient, so in most cases it is not a problem to find an unoccupied one. If all washing machines are already busy, just wait a while for another customer to finish; our washing cycles are much shorter than those in ordinary household washers. In addition, a natural based disinfectant is added at the end of each washing cycle to disinfect the laundry and the entire washing machine.

So far, we have 11 branches in Prague. Look at the list of branches to see which laundry is closest to you.

In our self-service laundry you can wash and dry your laundry professionally. In addition, you will also find the i-Genius disinfection and ozonation cabinet, which disinfects your laundry and rid it of all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mites. See the detailed information here.

You don't have to stay in the laundry, and you don't have to worry about your laundry. After starting the washing cycle, it is not possible to open the washing machine, the door will not be unlocked automatically until the washing is completed. Then you need to place the laundry in the dryer and then you have some time off again.


The washing program lasts approximately 35 minutes for an 11 kg washing machine and approximately 45 minutes for a 16 kg washing machine.

You don't. Professional detergents: powder, fabric softener and natural based disinfectant are automatically dosed into each washing cycle.

Yes, it is possible to choose a program at 40 or 60 degrees without softener addition.

In LAVOR laundry, we use microcapsule softener with a delicate scent. It is unique in that you can hardly smell it after the washing and drying, but thanks to the microcapsules, the scent is released gradually over time. Therefore, your laundry will last beautifully fragrant for a long time.

The powder is dosed automatically, and the function cannot be switched off.

We use professional detergents from Christeyns company, which are certified and meet strict standards for hygienic washing. The powder is effective, but at the same time gentle, and thus it is also suitable for customers who suffer from, for example, atopic eczema or more sensitive skin.

In addition to detergent and fabric softener, a natural based disinfectant is added to each washing cycle, which has a strong effect against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. At the same time, neutralization is added to the wash, which serves to equalize the pH after the wash.

Yes, you can.

You can wash soft and malleable carpets/ rugs/ mats without the rubberized bottom which can be “packed” into a ball. We recommend using the largest washing machine for carpets. Do not wash carpets that are harder and can only be rolled into a roll. The washing cycle won’t run out, the carpet won't squeeze and will remain wet. It can also damage the washing machine.

We do not allow washing accessories for animals.

To give you an idea, you can put 2 pillows and 2 blankets or complete bed linen for a family of five/six in a large washing machine.

For example, 1 small pillow and 1 duvet can fit in a small washing machine.

It's not. You always pay for 1 washing cycle and the filling rate does not matter.

For optimal results, fill the washing machine approximately up to ⅔, so the laundry has enough space.

Select the washing program according to the washing symbol on your laundry - thanks to this you can easily select a suitable program.

White linen, 60°C - a bleach agent is added
White linen, 40°C - a bleach agent is added
Colored laundry, 60°C
Colored laundry, 40°C
Colored laundry, 60°C without softener
Colored laundry, 40°C without softener
Delicate laundry 30°C

No, it is no longer possible to change the program after starting the cycle. If necessary, call the phone number provided in the laundry room.

Of course. You can just wash your laundry and give it the professional care of our detergents.



Of course. You can bring the laundry to our laundrette already wet or damp and put it straight into the dryer.

Drying time depends on the amount of laundry and the type of fabric. The standard recommended drying time is 36 minutes. If your laundry is still wet or damp after the cycle, you can repeat the drying process and select a cycle of length 12 to 36 minutes as needed.

Use a 16 kg dryer for laundry from an 11 kg washing machine. For laundry from a 16 kg washing machine, use a 21 kg dryer. The laundry will have enough space for drying, which will make the process gentle, and the clothes will be even more fluffy.

No, it is no longer possible to change the program after starting the cycle. If necessary, call the phone number provided in the laundry.

If you are not sure whether your laundry is allowed in the dryer, follow the symbols on the laundry label attached to each single item.

The symbols tell you which program to choose:

 P1 65°C / Delicate /  Delicates Drying
 P2 70°C / Low /  Low Drying 
 P3 75°C / Medium /  Medium Drying 
 P4 80°C / Medium /  Medium Drying 
 P5 85°C / High /  High Drying 
 P6 90°C / Very high /   High Drying 

Yes, you can. You can check the laundry, fluff, and let it dry. But be careful, you must close the dryer door within two minutes, otherwise the drying cycle ends.

You can, but keep in mind that feathers dry longer than, for example, cotton linen. Allow about 45 to 60 minutes depending on the amount. It is definitely a good idea to check the laundry during drying, split / fluff the feathers a bit and continue the cycle for a while.

There are several advantages. Drying is not time consuming and you leave the laundry room with beautifully fluffy laundry, which you can put straight into the closet.
During the drying process, the dryer collects excess lint from fabric and the laundry thus has a newer look. Most of the clothes are beautifully straight after drying. You can fold the laundry while it is still hot on the folding table. Ironing is often not needed, which further saves you time and money.

In this case, we recommend repeating the drying cycle for at least 12 minutes.

Disinfection and ozonization cabinet

No. The cabinet does not clean - it does not remove stains or dirt. However, the cabinet disinfects everything with the action of ozone: from removing odors to destroying mites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. You can also put things in it that you don't normally wash, such as helmets, ski shoes, hockey gloves, motorbike stuff and more.

1 cycle lasts 16, 20 or 22 minutes. We recommend using a program lasting 22 minutes.

The cabinet is quite large and can hold, for example, 5 - 7 unfolded sleeping bags or 5 - 7 costumes. Hangers are available in the cabinet, where you can hang a costume, jackets, sleeping bags and other things. The cabinet also has shelves for helmets, briefcases, soft toys and more. You can store shoes or skis in the lower part. Do not overfill the cabinet, it is important there is a space for air circulation.


For your convenience, you can pay with contactless credit cards, bank notes, or coins. Accepted coins and bank notes are displayed at the payment kiosk. We usually accept CZK 100, 200 and 500 banknotes and CZK 5, 10, 20 and 50 coins, however, the accepted values ​​may vary over time.

No, you can only pay in Czech crowns.

After selecting the washing or drying program, move to the payment kiosk, select the payment method “cash”. Then gradually toss the coins. Wait for the machine to accept the coin, otherwise a blockage may occur.

Do you have other problems?

Exceptionally, if there is too much laundry in the washing machine, the washing machine may not be able to balance the laundry and may not squeeze it. In that case, please call the contact provided in the laundry and we will start the squeeze program remotely.

Call us. We will solve the problem remotely.

If the payment was successful and the machine did not turn on, make sure you selected the program and closed the door. Follow the instructions on the payment kiosk and then select "Try again". It could also happen that coins were stuck in the payment kiosk and the amount paid was not charged. Call us and we will solve the problem remotely. Do not toss any more coins.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask about anything.

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